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Video Monetisation

The Video Monetization Boom is now officially in full swing with Facebook following YouTube and giving advertisers a chance to get an incredible amount of traffic from video ads. Getting the eyes on the prize is what it's all about and with the number of hits many publishers receive with viral videos it looks certain that it's going to change the face of advertising as we know it. The Advertisers and Marketers are going to have a large slice of this video cake and for us lesser experienced marketers and advertisers does it mean that we should now stop and think for a moment before we go posting our favourite video of the day to our preferred blogs, groups and friends web spaces?

It is now both possible and financially viable for almost anyone to monetise their video content, but to be successful you need to understand just what the users are willing to pay for. Most online video is ubiquitous and is monetised through mass consumption and advertising. The other kind of content is niche served video which is well presented and the type of content costumers are looking for and willing to pay for. Content is of course the keyword here and you will need premium regularly updated content to keep viewers coming back to use the service you provide.

As a business model monetisation of video requires advanced video delivery platforms and payment gateway models. Almost all video content through online channels is monetised and the simplest model is usually through advertising revenue such as banner ads. Pay Per View models are popular and also offer better premium content. Pay to View models will have premium exclusive video content and no ads. A mix of subscription and paid services will no doubt be introduced soon and it may spell the end of free viewing on YouTube.

Just by authorising the presence of advertisements on your youtube videos is not going to make you rich but if you have a solid business model with good video content and a marketing plan then this type of monetisation and sharing the fees could certainly be successful. Viral videos and channels that are already seeing a high number of viewers will certainly see the benefits. For the casual user of channels on you tube and Facebook it is time to up your game if you're looking to make an impact with video monetisation.

Mass sharing of online video will no doubt continue and with it's huge growth in popularity this now means it is a medium ripe with opportunity with options that extend far beyond the scope of advertising. There are many tools and resources on the internet that you can use to create compelling visual content. Many of these tools are free and if we use our creativity there is no reason why we can't exploit this wonderful opportunity and cash in on video monetisation.

What we have to remember is that YouTube began serving us wonderful free video channels back in 2005. As with many evolving business in time it becomes more professional and mature with a wealth of monetisation options at its disposal it will surly begin charging for the privilege of using the service.


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